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Eviction Service San Francisco Bay Area, California

Attorneys Eviction Service is a subsidiary of M C Hall & Associates, Attorneys and Counselors at Law. For 30 years we have assisted landlords in the San Francisco Bay Area to recover rental property through negotiated solutions and through the judicial eviction process in compliance with the eviction control provisions of the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, Oakland Measure EE, Berkeley and other local ordinances. The legal procedures that are necessary to evict a tenant protected under the San Francisco Rent Ordinance and other eviction control ordinances must be carefully followed. Even innocent errors can result in costly delays and possible liability for wrongful eviction, including large monetary judgments against the landlord. Thousands of landlords have turned to the experienced landlord tenant lawyers of Attorneys Eviction Service and M C Hall & Associates to assist them comply with all legal requirements.

Attorneys Eviction Service offers immediate service to landlords seeking to evict problem tenants or to recover rental property for their own use. We offer reasonable flat fees for uncontested unlawful detainer cases based upon non-payment of rent. We offer reasonable hourly rates for legal services for tenant contested evictions. We utilize a complete library of eviction notices, pleadings and forms that have been tested for legal sufficient through frequent use in the judicial process. We process cases expeditiously, but deliberately in order to assure compliance with all procedural requirements and to avoid pitfalls that could result in delays or legal liability for the landlord.

We strive to bring a practical approach to solving problem tenant situations so that remedies are obtained without excessive cost. Some cases require aggressive measures, and some cases are best suited to mediated solutions. We always remember that our clients are real people with real problems and we attempt to use our skills to assist them to reach the best outcome.

Flat Fee

We strive to assist our clients to resolve their litigated dispute for the lowest cost. We charge reasonable flat rates for uncontested evictions based upon tenant defaults such as non payment of rent or breach of the rental agreement.

Our current flat fee for an uncontested eviction is $1000.

We offer a range of hourly rates for professional services for contested matters. We find that much of the work can be completed by paralegals at very reasonable cost.

Contact Us

We invite you to contact us by e-mail or at 415-512-9865 to schedule a consultation.