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Landlord-Tenant Litigation

Bay Area Landlord/Tenant Dispute Attorney

Representation of Landlords

Landlords seeking legal representation with tenant disputes and eviction proceedings need an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable about the California landlord-tenant laws, San Francisco rent control, and eviction control provisions, including just cause evictions, owner-occupancy evictions “OMI” rent non-payment, nuisances, and breach of covenants such as lease subletting restrictions. Landlords do have substantial legal rights and procedural advantages even in strong tenants’ rights localities such as San Francisco, Oakland and other cities in Alameda County.

At MC Hall & Associates, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, in San Francisco, California, we recognize the challenges landlords face in legal matters and aggressively represent them, at the same time providing practical and cost-effective advice. We represent parties negotiating for possession of rental units through voluntary buy-outs, and we represent and we vigorously defend landlords in wrongful eviction and premises liability lawsuits and defendants in wrongful eviction lawsuits.

Careful Planning and Attention to Detail

Representing landlords in landlord-tenant disputes or litigation requires detailed and proactive planning and strict attention to detail, particularly in drafting legal notices to tenants in compliance with all applicable rent-control administrative and procedural requirements. That involves immediately identifying the various issues and facts. Even cases wherein new property owners seek to owner-occupy the dwelling can be extraordinarily difficult. We manage litigation in an efficient and cost-effective manner without taking shortcuts. We draft the initiating notice to terminate tenancy carefully because even a minor mistake can cause lengthy delays or have your case thrown out of court. A claim of wrongful eviction based on landlord conduct can result in costly litigation.

Experienced Legal Representation and Knowledgeable Advice

Landlord-tenant litigation is procedurally intensive and designed to be completed very quickly. Deadlines for filing pleadings, motion practice, and discovery are particularly short. Missteps can be costly and force litigants to start the process over again. Certain categories of residential tenants may be protected from eviction except in cases of non-payment or breach of contract. Landlords are not advised to represent themselves or use an attorney without substantial experience in this area of practice. They need reliable and accurate legal advice about how to approach contentious interaction with tenants. That is what we provide at MC Hall & Associates.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a landlord-tenant dispute, owner move-in, or tenants rights after foreclosure, please contact us.

Eviction Fees

We offer flat fees for certain types of eviction lawsuits, including those involving the nonpayment of rent. We give effective and practical advice in order to resolve the matter as quickly as possible so the rental unit is productive again.

Following the Law and Respecting Tenant Rights

For a landlord to legally initiate an eviction proceeding to recover the property, the landlord needs to be proactive in establishing legal just cause for eviction, planning for unlawful detainer litigation and assuring that all tenants’ rights and protections have been afforded.